13 Aug 2022

Meet some producers from Whittlesea

One of the most wonderful advantages of living within a few minutes’ drive of the country is that the locals are some of the greatest creators, makers and producers of quality goods. When you take your time exploring Whittlesea you’ll unearth some incredible, locally made products to eat.

The sweet buzz of honey

Based in Doreen, Nathan Stewart is a producer of fine quality, locally grown honey. He also runs bee education programs as a tourist attraction. People around the world are starting to recognise the importance of bees to the environment and how their pollination of plants contributes to the viability of our crops and gardens. Visitors can book in to don their bee suit and experience what it’s like to become a beekeeper for a day.

For those with a penchant for the sweet stuff, you can purchase Mayxala Honey from the self-service roadside stall at 13 Spectacular Road in Doreen or from their website. Nathan also sells hives and offers an online course.

The best Bertocchi smallgoods

For over 40 years, Bertocchi has been creating some of the best European smallgoods in Australia, supplying supermarket chains and small delis nationwide from their ten hectares of land in Thomastown. The award winning family cooking secrets have been passed down for three generations.

Bertocchi is well known for its authentic Italian bacon, ham and salami made using a natural fermentation process and air dried in the industry standard manufacturing facility. Get in touch with the friendly staff to find out how you can visit and purchase a Bertocchi product.

 Cheese Heaven at Floridia and That’s Amore

Florida Cheese, named after the Mauro Montalto family’s hometown of Floridia in Sicily, is a modern Australian business that uses revered Italian cheese making methods to create fine cheeses. Mauro’s exceptional skills and traditional techniques have been passed down from one generation of cheesemakers to the next. Try their fresh curd, semi-matured or specialty cheese for an exquisite culinary experience.

Giorgio at That’s Amore is another outstanding cheese maker based in the City of Whittlesea. Also in Thomastown, the team uses authentic Italian cheese making processes to create over 60 different award winning cheeses.

Bakers’ dozen

Looking for a handmade pastry or a loaf of sourdough? Matthew James from Turners Bakehouse is constantly updating his menu as the seasons change. Whether it’s a hearty winter pie or a fresh salad roll with a light dessert in summer, you will be spoilt for choice at this historical building on a side road in Mernda.


Whether you want to have your fresh fruit delivered to your home or you prefer an excursion to the farm gate, five generations of the Apted family have been operating Apted Orchards for over a hundred years. They are growers of apples, pears, lemons and quinces and also graze Angus cattle on one of their two properties.