6 Jul 2021

Family Friends | Whittlesea | Couples

Joyful meals at JoJayz.

Bring your kids, bring your doggies and bring an appetite for breakfast at JoJayz. This family run business in Doreen has been serving great food to locals for nearly a decade. Start with a Grinders coffee with almond, soy, oat, lactose free, macadamia, coconut milk or cow’s milk then peruse the display cabinets for delicious croissants, breakfast cakes and baked goods (vegan, halal and gluten-free items available). Order scrambled eggs, huevos, breakfast salad, bagels, halloumi and cauliflower fritters or a simple piece of toast with your favourite spreads.

Tucker time at Turner’s Bakehouse

Breakfast at Turners lasts all day long. Indulge in some ricotta pancakes, a ‘warm hug’ of maple flavoured porridge with granola or the famous brekkie burger with housemade relish, double bacon, double cheese, eggs and a hash brown. Grab a sourdough loaf or a jam filled donut to snack on if you think you might get hungry later in the day.

Share a cup of fun with the kids

 If you have little kids and you haven’t checked out the Shared Cup and the adjacent Gumnut park and  playground, it’s time to load the car and head out to Donnybrook. While kids burn their morning energy running and jumping around the excellent play equipment you can indulge in an egg and halloumi roll with truffle mayo, honeycomb waffles or eggs your way with lots of yummy extras like grilled chicken, smoked salmon, mushrooms and hot cakes. Milkshakes and kid sized meals will delight the small members of your family.

Fabulous fare at Uni Hill

 At Mini Me Mango breakfast goes until 2:30pm. Choose from a large selection of house made vegan donuts, freshly made salads, crispy sweet pastries, and bacon and egg dishes that will delight you. If you fancy a breakfast bowl, try the peanut butter acai bowl or the dragonfruit smoothie bowl. Cheese toasties are always on the menu for those days when you want a quick and simple breakfast snack.

Grab a freshly squeezed juice to get your day underway – try the Immunity Life (orange, carrot, celery, apple and ginger), the Beetroot Buzz (beetroot, watermelon, pineapple and apple), or the Green Lench (kale, lemon, pineapple, apple, spirulina and orange). The special smoothies on offer will blow your mind here; a Snickers protein smoothie with banana, agave syrup and almond milk will give you an energy burst, as will the Coffee Slush.

Country style favourites with a twist

For a big, healthy, country-style breakfast that will help you start the day right, 59 on Church in the township of Whittlesea has the classics; baked beans, eggs every which way, mushrooms or mince on wholemeal toast. For something extra special, order the Green Eggs and Ham, with spinach and avocado with a salsa verde that takes it to the next level.