25 Jun 2021


We all know how important it is to prioritise our relationships. Things like looking after the kids, worrying about mortgages, dealing with work and interacting with our extended families, can become all-consuming, but scheduling some time with your lover is an investment in your future. There’s a reason you and your special person have chosen each other. Don’t get so caught up with all of life’s other stresses. Make date night your favourite night of the week, fortnight or month.

Short break

When there isn’t much time, even a quick coffee at one of the fabulous cafes or restaurants near your home is good for your relationship. Drop over to That’s Amore, in Thomastown, for a cafe with quality produce and strong coffee that is enough to attract Italians from all over town. The cafe menu has been built around the 60 Italian style cheeses that they create in the factory behind. Enjoy a panini or a pasta meal, or simply bliss out with a traditional ricotta cannelloni. With an extensive deli and produce store filled with authentic Italian products, you can even pick up some groceries while you’re there.

Linger longer

Take the afternoon off work and head for the hills for a gentle bush walk through the idyllic forests at Kinglake.Tracks range from one kilometre circuits to much more challenging 20 km trials. Strap your bikes to the top of your car and hit the tracks on two wheels.

 Make a meal of date night in Whittlesea

How long has it been since you sat in a restaurant and just talked with your partner? No phones, no kids, no distractions? The Whittlesea area has dining options from dozens of cultures.. Book a table at the Secret Cafe Bar Restaurant and enjoy traditional Italian fare or, if you’re into Thai food, the Taste of Thai in Thomastown has a full range of authentic dishes for you to order. Share a green curry or some fried noodles, a salad or a stir fry with your special someone.

If Vietnamese food is more your style, try the bahn mi and the rice paper rolls with crispy pork belly at Saigon Sisters. The pho is comforting and the bun bo hue is a spicy soup that will give your tastebuds a thrill.

Find an intimate corner at the Martini & Co cocktail bar and the mood is sure to become amorous. Treat yourselves to a ‘Zombie’, a ‘Hubba Bubba’ or a ‘Lazy Lizard’ mocktail and have fun together again. For something different, head to Armaniis Shisha bar for a meal and your choice of shisha flavours.

One of the most romantic things to do with a lover is a long lunch at Farm Vigano. Seriously gorgeous picturesque views will have you feeling like you’re in an Italian movie, and the dedication to fine Italian wine and cuisine helps to create a romantic vibe.

Weekend escape

Nothing says romance like a weekend away from the rest of the world. Take the time out with your loved one and reconnect at Karool Cottages, a country getaway in Mernda. This bluestone cottage was built in 1853, originally a shepherd’s hut, grain store and carriage room. Now it is luxury accommodation and the perfect setting for a weekend of indulgence.

Looking to stay somewhere close to home with someone else to do the cleaning? If that’s your dream, the staff at the Quest in Bundoora can make it happen. Near to the Uni Hill shopping complex, the tram line and great eateries, the Quest Apartments are fabulous self contained apartments.

Make time for your partner and book a dream date in Whittlesea today.