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Sites of Significance

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The City of Whittlesea is home to scores of fascinating historical sites, from its very own castle, a reservoir once the envy of Melbourne, and even troughs where thirsty horses stopped to water in the 1900s.

Many people may not know they exist – but a new interactive map is set to get you out exploring your own backyard.

Council has launched the Sites of Significance map, available online and in print at libraries and community centres.

50 historically important sites have been selected, with their location mapped, photos and the enthralling stories behind them.

Grab your copy of Sites of Significance at your local library or community centre, or visit https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/e6d2606757fa41258a51d254d0b9dc29 for a virtual version of the Sites of Significance Map. It will automatically adjust to best suit your viewing device – desktop computer, tablet or phone.

Image: Kruger, Fred, 1877. View of the Plenty River, Janefield. Yarra Plenty Regional Library LHC64.5

Image: Bills Horse Trough. Photograph by Julie Scott, 2019.

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