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Art-ish Brush and Bond

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Art-ish is a new art-based social enterprise in the vibrant City of Whittlesea. Art-ish engages in community art projects, commission artworks, hosts various paint parties and events while creating economic opportunities for diverse artists.

Art-ish was created with a focus on creativity, community, connection, and sustainability. The slogan “brush and bond” suggests that through the art of painting or engaging in artistic activities, individuals can connect with others, whether it’s through shared experiences, collaborative projects or simply enjoying a creative space together.

Art-ish organizes community art activities where participants can contribute to an art piece or mural that convey diverse narratives for various causes, offers personalised commission artworks, hosts corporate team building events and private paint parties including but not limited to bachelorette parties, baby showers, gender reveals, gatherings and birthday parties. Art-ish is not a studio. Instead, they utilise local community centres, partner with restaurants, bars and wineries to provide venue and catering for events which enhances the overall ambiance but also supports other local businesses. This offers a unique experience that combines art with delicious food and drinks.

Art-ish works with artists from diverse backgrounds, artists living with disability and young emerging artists who feel that they are not able to make a living with art because of the lack of representation, diversity, opportunities, and financial resources which make it hard to succeed in the industry. Art-ish provides mentorship and opportunities for such artists to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and diverse environment, allowing them to become facilitators/instructors in their events and providing opportunities for them to showcase their artworks.

Mobile. 0481 226 028
Email. info@art-ish.com.au